About Me

    Hello, my name is Irvan Malik Azantha. Pretty sure everything has been described on the landing page, ain't it? But if you want to know more about me, then sure. I'm an undergrad student majoring in Computer Science. Currently studying in Sriwijaya University. I'm 20 y'o, born at 1st of March, 2003. Has a few siblings, and live in a quite okay family.

    I usually spend my time playing games, watching anime, or reading manga. I'm also a big fan of audio related stuffs, mainly music. I listen to wide variety of genres including but not limited to pop, rock, metal, jazz, and classical. I also play guitar and piano. Cafe gigs are my favorite thing to do at night.

    This website is made using the utmost effort I can give via the 3 braincells that I somehow can leverage. It's made using Next.js, shadcn/ui, Typescript, Tailwind, and some more. I don't want to list all of them here since it's too long. You can check the source code in my GitHub account if you want to. All the dependencies are listed in the package.json file.


    Why do you code?

    Seriously, why delve in such pain?

    Money. I need money. I'm broke.

    Why aren't you afraid of being doxxed?

    You're literally showing your face on the internet if I may remember.

    I mean, come then if you really want to doxx me. Posting my map location on the internet without meeting me is a good recipe to get me view you without a single semblance of respect. If you know where I am and want to actually challenge on whether or not I'm afraid of you, come.

    Why are your website so complex?

    Next.js, React Query, Tailwind, and some more. Why not just use something simpler like HTML and CSS?

    Cause I can and it's fun. Add that to the fact that what is complex for you might be deadass simple for me. All in all, I am a programmer. I need to show what I can and am capable of including but not limited to showing what I can create with the framework I currently use.

    Why are you so obsessed on audio thingies?

    Like what is the term... Audiophile?

    It is a hobby. I like music. That's it, really.

    Do you have plans for the future?

    Like what are you gonna do after you graduate?

    Work, have fun, eat pancakes.

    Email me at this address or DM me on Telegram at @lappv if you have any questions. I'll try to answer them as best as I can.