About Me

    Hello, my name is Irvan Malik Azantha. Pretty sure everything has been described on the landing page, ain't it? But if you want to know more about me, then sure. I'm an undergrad student majoring in Computer Science. Currently studying in Sriwijaya University. I'm 20 y'o, born at 1st of March, 2003. Has a few siblings, and live in a quite okay family.

    I usually spend my time playing games, watching anime, or reading manga. I'm also a big fan of audio related stuffs, mainly music. I listen to wide variety of genres including but not limited to pop, rock, metal, jazz, and classical. I also play guitar and piano. Cafe gigs are my favorite thing to do at night.

    Art by 啵啵鱼 from Pixiv
    Art by 啵啵鱼 from Pixiv

    (Yes, my waifu is Lappland. Deal with it.)

    Lappland is a 5 star Lord Guard who specializes in DPS and Debuff. As a Lord Guard, Lappland has both a melee and ranged attack which the latter deals 0.8x damage with a range of 2x3 tiles and a 1-tile (2-tile at Elite 1) extension up front and can target flying units; in the event she is blocking an enemy, Lappland will use her melee attack against them. This allows Lappland to be conveniently placed behind a Defender or stronger Guard and contribute to DPS.

    The bloodthirsty Infected Siracusan Lupo named Lappland Saluzzo is the daughter of Alberto Saluzzo, the current don of the powerful Saluzzo famiglia, who despises her to be an untamed beast due to her maniacal, unhinged behavior. During the annihilation of the Texas famiglia seven years ago (the year 1092), Lappland led her squad to conduct the purge, but she later defied her father's order when she suddenly became obsessed with Cellinia Texas, the sole survivor of the family, and wished to challenge her in a duel. As a matter of fact, Alberto banished her from the family forever and labeled her as a "lone wolf" - a Lupine outcast. Even then, her banishment does not stop her craving to have another duel with Cellina, whom she sees as a "coward" in her eyes, and bring "the old Texas" back in the process.

    This website is made using the utmost effort I can give via the 3 braincells that I somehow can leverage. It's made using Next.js, shadcn/ui, Typescript, Tailwind, and some more. I don't want to list all of them here since it's too long. You can check the source code in my GitHub account if you want to. All the dependencies are listed in the package.json file.

    Don't. Just don't. I'm not going to talk about it here. After all, most likelihood I can tell you is that I'm pretty neutral on all of them. Quite apolitical and apathetic in that regard, even. Should you really want to do a deep dive on my stance, then you'll have to ask me in any of my accounts.

    Should be a waste of time, really. I'm just a random ass NPC trying to breath.


    Why do you code?

    I mean for what purpose do you code or something like that.

    Money. I need money. I'm broke.

    Why do you become a weeb?

    There are much better things you can do, come on.

    Cause anime brings me joy. It diverts my attention into something far better than being an asshole I always were back then. I've done atrocities and shit in the past and I really don't want to do it anymore. Take it as a coping mechanism if you want.

    What kind of person are you?

    So I saw your acts and a bit confused on what kind of person are you exactly.

    Don't really think about it. I always believe that being chaotic is the safest way to conceal my true identity, at least in the internet. I'm quite a kind person in real life, even if I don't really guarantee that to be true. Let's just say that I'm not a bad person, but not a good person either. I embrace pragmatism whereever I can and act accordingly based on the situation I get subjected in.

    Why do you like gatekeeping something?

    I mean bro, just let someone live their life the way they like.

    Cause it kills my boredom. And some topics do need a mild amount of gatekeeping to begin with. Burn me at stake and call me a witch, I'll still do whatever I think best to keep the interest in hand, even if it makes me a total asshole.

    Why are you always having a lot of problems?

    Well, haven't you thought about it? You're always having a lot of problems.

    Cause life. I don't know, you go taste it for a while. It will always somehow find a way to kick you in the balls while maintaining composure of being unfair as ever.

    Why are your website so complex?

    Next.js, React Query, Tailwind, and some more. Why not just use something simpler like HTML and CSS?

    Cause I can and it's fun. Add that to the fact that what is complex for you might be deadass simple for me. All in all, I am a programmer. I need to show what I can and am capable of including but not limited to showing what I can create with the framework I currently use.

    Why are you so obsessed on audio thingies?

    Like what is the term... Audiophile?

    It is a hobby. I like music. That's it, really.

    Email me at this address or DM me on Telegram at @lappv if you have any questions. I'll try to answer them as best as I can.